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Welcome To MykonosA memorable place

Welcome to Mykonos,
The island of
Greek Philoxenia,
Of the Famous Windmills,
Of the incredible light,
Of the myriad of beaches of sand, stone, raucous and
Of the whitewashed houses and tiny lanes,
Of 1500 and maybe more tiny chapels and churches scattered all over the island,
Of a chic ambiance and amid simplicity,
Of bars and clubs and meeting new friends,
Of tolerance, freedom, and individuality!
Welcome to the island of local and unique tastes.

Our RestaurantCozy & Romantic

Coming from the field of Tourism and the experience of promoting all the goodies of this Great Country, we have the passion and the desire to show to everyone the Big and Important Chapter of Taste on the Greek Islands. Big because it has so many local products and herbs and Important because we do believe that Health is the most important thing in Life.

    • We love good food.
    • We cook as we cook at home.
    • We mostly use products that are Biological and without Chemicals.
    • We are proud of being Traditional but also knowledgeable of Nouveau Cuisine.
    • We are also proud of our dishes that come to meet your taste.
  • We like to give you the chance and try the real Greek Food but also some foreign plates. We serve Italian, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Turkish, English and American Dishes.

Speak to us. Suggest to us. Ask us.

We are here to talk to you, help you, answer to you and fulfill your traveling gastronomical needs.

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might as well stay at home.” – James Michener