Our Special MenuHealthy & Handmade


Explore our breakfast plates served all day.
From a typical Greek Island breakfast to a typical English or American one.
Cereal with fresh fruit and nuts with yogurt and honey.
Eggs fried or omelette with bacon and sausage, baked beans on toast and mushrooms.
Italian mozzarella with prosciutto and Basel
accompanied with a brioche.
Light, Vegeterian or Vegan.
The choice is yours.
All served with Freshly squeezed oranges and fresh strong coffee.e magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud

Lunch - Brunch

Late Breakfast and early lunch.
A lot of choices from freshly baked Baguettes and Croissants
to everything with dairy products, fruit, grain, meats, poultry, vegetables to smoked salmon and fresh shrimps.
Traditional plates in our Special Menus served with salads and a glass of wine.
A variety of fresh salads, Hamburgers, Chickenburgers, Pasta and Pizzas.
All accompanied with cocktails of your choice.


We pride ourselves on providing a unique and approachable dining experience. We are famous for our Traditional Home style cooking.
Good drinks and great food in an affordable and friendly atmosphere.
In Mykonos Town where the heart of Mykonos was…is….and will always be beating.
Have a romantic candle light dinner, made with passion, with a bottle of a Good Greek wine.
Delicious dishes to suit every
Taste and every Philosophy.

Meal Deals

Our RestaurantDelicius Starts Right Here!

Coming from the field of Tourism and the experience
of promoting all the goodies of this Great Country,
we have the passion and the desire to show to everyone the Big and
Important Chapter of Taste on the Greek Islands.
Big because it has so many local products and herbs and Important because
we do believe that Health is the most important thing in Life.

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